Thursday, November 26, 2015

Autumn 2015

As the sun started to give way to the night, and the leave claimed the brilliant colors of Fall, the satyrs of Satyrs Moon also took a change for the better. 
I have released the Napaeus Satyrs and Fauns.
Napaeus was one of the Twelve general who helped lead the army of Dionysius in the Indian wars.  These are the tribes of the Glade. 

On a cursory glance at the satyrs and fauns of this tribe, there is not much of a difference from the standard fursets.  You have to look closely.  The hooves are a bit narrower to allow for movement through the woods.  The fur is a bit coarser, shaggier down to the bottom to help provide for warmth in the cold winter months.

The Shadow Stalker, full fur length.  The Horns and Hooves have the standard texture changing options loaded with 7 different textures of each.  I have updated the HUD so that it is easier to use and manipulate your fursets.  The Shadow Stalker of the Napaeus Tribes.

The Snow Stalker.  Fur as white and pure as the newly fallen snow.  Which is good because that is probably the only thing pure in this Breed of Satyrs and Fauns.  Their pale flesh and white hair make them perfect for stalking the frozen tundra.  Be wary if you find them under a streetlamp, this ain't Mr. Tumnus.

The Sun Stalker.  It is said that these bronze beauties were kissed by Helios.  The fur is a deep golden coloring.  Mainly active in the Spring and Summer, some think this tribe hibernates when the seasons get cold.  This rumor if, however, a viscous lie.  They do retreat deep down into the depths of their caves where they lounge languidly by the hot springs found there.  Do not be fooled, it is said their kiss burns with the heat of the sun.

Last but not least is the Autumn Stalkers.  When the leaves give up their dark green, and claim the browns, golds and oranges of Autumn are when these Satyrs and Fauns are most active.  Legend says that these creatures are so un tuned with the season that one cannot hear them as they move among the dried leaves. 

As with all the fursets from Satyrs Moon, each one has been known to sheer their fur from the thigh up.  This is not a tribal pleasure, but a personal one.

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